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Child Care

Help Paying for Child Care

The Alternative Payment program offers child care subsidies to families who qualify for child care services based on income and need. The AP program serves children from birth to 13 years and up to age 18 or 21 for children with documented exceptional needs, as long as a parent or caregiver remains eligible for the program.


Families with a gross monthly income below the State Medium Index might be eligible for child care services. Gross income includes earned income credits, child support, TANF cash grants, and wages.


In order to qualify for subsidized child care services, adult family members must be one of the following:

  • Working
  • Looking for work (for no more than 60 days per family per fiscal year)
  • Enrolled in job-related training
  • Medically incapacitated
  • Homeless
  • Referred through Child Protective Services
  • Participants in CalWORKS and deemed stable by the County Welfare Department

To apply for subsidized child care, fill out the eligibility questionnaire at www.childcaresandiego.com, or call 619-521-3055 ext. 2500.